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Prostatic Massage in Malta

Prostatic Massage in Malta

There are increasingly more people who seek new sexual experiences in their daily lives. The advent of some of the practices of Taoism or Tantra has opened the door for a new world of sensations, which enable one to experience and enjoy complete sexuality, to the West. One of these contributions is the Prostate Massages. At Justmencenter Massage we want to provide this special erotic experience to our most daring clients.

The G-SPOT, also known as SACRED SPOT of a man is his prostate gland. On Tantra philosophy, the G-Spot is a man’s emotional sex center and receiving proper prostate massage releases tremendous amounts of emotional and physical stress. It is mixed with stimulation of the penis or “lingam”. Receiving prostate and lingam massage can be extremely pleasurable and healing.


As in any intimate activity, certain basic rules apply. The receiver (you) should arrive meticulously clean.

Prostate Massage can be included in Body to Body Massage.

At Just Men Center, every session is meticulously prepared to receive you, so you can lay down and relax knowing everything is taken care off.

Fresh towels , hot shower (before and after your session), toiletry, cold drinks, candles, soothing music, aromatherapy oils.

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